January 07, 2009

its been crazy ya (2)

yup, its me again. lats night 'someone' set fire in IK. then in seconds, fire drill....lalala. the bomba came, together with the security guards and not forgetting the ambulance. im so sure that MPD was behind this drama of smoke and handsome abang bomba saving 3 victims... (i called them drama queens- pemenang anugerah pelakon wanita harapan) then the felo start giving out her again n again never ending yet the same speach bout fire drills. *rentung-bahaya-handphone-100 over boys missing from their dormitories-not being cooperative and so on* then the demo thing with the abg bomba. you know that demo on how to put out fire. hehe... i wasn't concentrating at all.
for the time being i want to concentrate on eclipse. last 30 pages.... very hard to stop reading.

p/s: john, thanks. love you.

its been crazy ya...

this week started with the boss handing out so many instruction to me n Alan (lucky, Alan got all the time to accompany me to see the boos. thanks Alan). i tried to be nice and keep on smiling when i went to see him at his office (should i call it headquaters now?). kak azuwa went to putrajaya since monday. the latest i can see her is tomorrow. if only i'm so rajin to see her at the office. today i merajuk. John went out with alif. im quite sad actually. nak ikut jenajalan pun tak buleh. he keep on making promises that he will consider holiday the both of us. i want to go to langkawi or bandung with rafiqah. since za will be going to aussie after exams, i wish i could go somewhere with my friends.
but will dad give me duit joli-joli... i dont think so. haih....

i finished reading twilight- one vampire killed
finished reading new moon- another one vampire down
quarter of book three eclipse- should be more vamps die in this one.
read briefly on breaking dawn- i need time. maybe weekends kot.

i want to go shopping. its some sort of meditation to reduce all the stress gained in USM haha.