February 18, 2009

dress mania

okayh, graduation dinner is one and a half month to go n the girls now busy searching for their purrrfect dress for dinner.... for the boys, i'm not really sure. actually i don't care pun. boys can wear anything but the girls yg very excited bout the dress hunting trips. Queensbay, gurney, georgetown.... almost all shopping complex dah pegi. not even a dress pun diorang puas hati. few of them already decide what to wear but most of them keep on searching. they even search the net to get some ideas for their dress. huhu... how bout me? ermm... i maybe wear something from my closet. i cant spend much for the dinner. my parents wont love the idea of buying outfit for dinner thing. haha..

i came across few dresses on the net that i consider cheap since they're not more than 40 ringgit but my friend said the dress i wanted is not suitable for our dinner. ngeh2. like i care. i wish i can upload the dress i berkenan tu. on second thought, xmau lah. ugly n xseswai kan...hehe... pape je lah.

emm... by the way, gud luck girls.... find you r best dress n melaram la on that day.

^NiGht in tHe gArd3N^
*thirD Y3Ar gRaduAtiOn diNNer*

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  1. huhuhu...graduation dinner is like what? malam melaram n mencari jodoh? good luck for u n ur girlfriends~ hee