May 30, 2009

after all these weeks full of mess...

Hi there,
after quite sometime i decided to shut down my blog. since there would be no living person will browse my blog until someone dropped in his comment on the police car that i dream of seeing one with my naked eyes. maybe if i travel more on the highway, i will came across them one day (oh god why am i so obsessed bout police car?). after reading his comment, i started to scribble this down.

so many thing happened in my life and i don't know where to start. i feel like telling you people about what happened to me past few months but i need the time to structure all my points. (and later i will realize i didn't tell much)

1. i completed my final semester in USM successfully and graduation is two and a half months away. i sent my baju to the tailor but the problem now is i lost the receipt. where on earth did i left that piece of paper i still couldn't recall. haih. its ok lah. hoping that the seamstress remember my face. and still, i got to find a matching tudung bidang 60. but today when i went to the seamstress, she said that my baju belum potong pun lagi. WT*, after one month still no progress? i was mad but i need to control myself. let go for awhile. later marah pun boleh. since there are plenty of time left, why dont i keep that problem aside first and continue on other thing.

2. until today i am still unemployed. the fact that your father got his own firm but still couldnt squeeze you in the office is a new phenomena to me. but i'm okay with that. i got ample time to malas-malas around the house and play with our new kitties. they are jane doe I and jane doe II. still no name. both girls. but i like to call them sayang and adik. hahaha...

3. my gateway to aceh is now a dream not coming true. haih... i already paid the ticket and all i can say now is that my money (oi freakin s**t... that one i save from my allowance semata2 for a nice trip out from my hometown) goes down the drain. this one makes me sick but for the sake of my mum's happiness, i'll just let go.

4. emm what else? oh ya. the cats. i posted pictures of our cat in my facebook photo album. the white and the orange. Baby and Sayang. huhu.

5. End of this week (7th of June) my aunt will get married. actually i need to pack my stuff and get ready to balik kampung with my uncle. i guess i wont be around quite sometimes.

ok lah, i need to say goodbye for now.