December 23, 2009

Luncai has Been There Once

This is a story told by a person to me, not thru ears, not thru eyes. I called this person Luncai don't ask me why.

Luncai fell in love with different people one after another. His first time was with this girl from school. a cute petit girl with jet-black hair i called her Petit. Luncai clinged to her most of the time. Lucky for Luncai for having Petit as a girlfriend. The happy couple last bout 2 years until Petit was sent to study abroad leaving Luncai behind. Petit now is Luncai's bestfriend. The one from time to time rings Luncai and made him laugh and says hi.

Luncai's second was a tall fashionista from town nearby. She was a vouge young lady later turned sophisticated career woman. Found out the second lady was not Luncai's soulmate. She went back to her Ex after a year with Luncai. Luncai was happy back then and said to himself that hes okay and move on. by the way, i called her Fashionista.

His third was with Fashionista's friend from college. She kept her eyes on Luncai ever since their first met. Luncai was very happy to know this sweet girl from the outskirts. Luncai called her Sweetie-pie. Sweetie-pie lives in a bungalow up on a hill. From her balcony she can see lights from town at night, her favourite part of the day. Luncai was invited to her mansion one day but found out his life doesn't belong there. Unbelievably, they were together for about three years or so. I couldn't recall.

The fourth girl was Luncai's partner in a project in one of his degree labs during Luncai's first year. Luncai mentioned her as Dimple. She smiles with two cute dimple on her cheeks. That's the most attractive part Luncai loves most of her. Beautiful smile with two cute dimple. They went on and off few times until finally Luncai decided to stay and let the girl move on.

Until one day, Luncai met his old friend from kindergarden. She's shy and made Luncai do the talking most of the time. Unlike Petit, this time Kindergarden clinged to Luncai through his final undergrads years. Luncai get his result and proud of his achievement whereas Kindergarden almost failed her final year project. Luncai's secret was everytime he needs to study, he will get Dimple to come and study with him from morning until bedtime. Kindergarden got jealous because Dimple get to spend her time studying with Luncai and she can't.

With his flying colours result, Luncai further his study abroad and met his soulmate in his postgrad days in Manchester. Soulmate is all Luncai's ever wanted. She's the size of Petit, stylish like fashionista, sweet looking like Sweetie-pie, very beautiful smile like Dimple, stick to him like Kindergarden and turned out to be his soulmate. They are together now and live happily in their little flat Luncai could afford.

I get to know Luncai's story only few days back. In my head. I made this out. HEHE

December 10, 2009

i want

i want to scream out loud that my lungs burst. i want to laugh and cry and laugh and cry that i put my sense out of my head. i want to go place my heart desires n meet new people that none of them know me not more than my name. i want my life to be different but still have what i have right now
i want all but all i give is none. so, how can i deserve anything more if this person with this heart is still the same plain boring me. i ought to find myself and i should start searching now.